Specialized Writing Courses

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WR 121e
for International Students

WR 121 and WR 122

Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE)

Current Instructors
  • Emily Simnitt
    Alison Lau-Stephens
  • Mike Copperman
Possible Topics 
  • The politics of language
  • The challenges of globalization
  • Cross-cultural controversies and differing value
  • Race, class, and issues of identity
  • Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath
  • Education and educational inequality in the US
Class design
  • Guided discussions that help non-native speakers participate
  • 1-on-1 conferences
  • Additional practice with grammar and vocabulary
  • Student-driven discussions for native speakers
  • 1-on-1 conferences and feedback about rhetoric and argumentation
Typical students who enroll
  • International students who placed into language classes at UO. These students should complete AEIS 112 (Academic Writing) before beginning WR 121.
  • Past students have come from many countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, Iran, Vietnam, Kenya, and Germany.
  • Diverse domestic students, most of whom completed high school in the US
  • Sometimes low-income or first-generation college students
  • SATv scores typically 480-700
Contact for Registration Approval given through the instructor and the Composition Program:
118 PLC, 541-346-3911
Approval given through the Center for Multicultural and Academic Excellence: 164 Oregon Hall, 541-346-3479