Exemptions and Waivers

SAT and ACT:
Scores 710 or above on the SAT Critical Reading and 32 or above on the ACT English will be awarded an exemption from WR121. No credit hours are awarded for this exemption.

Advanced Placement:
Scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the English Language and Composition test generate credit for WR 121.

International Baccalaureate:
A score of 5 on the Standard Level Exam English A generates credit forĀ  WR 121.
A score of 5 on the Higher Level Exam English A generates credit for WR 121 and 122.

Waivers: A no-credit waiver exam is offered during week one of fall, winter, and spring quarters at the UO Testing Center. Although open to any student, these exams are most appropriate for exceptionally proficient writers. The WR122 waiver exam is available only to students who have completed or tested out of WR121. Students may not attempt both the WR121 and the WR122 exam during the same quarter. See the Testing Center website for further details and scheduling.