Themed Writing Sections

All writing courses use readers as a starting point for analysis, discussion, and writing, and many of the readers explore a particular theme. While individual sections will not cover all topics in a reader, and teachers may create different topics with readings from different sections of a text, these descriptions offer an idea of the topics covered in particular sections by CRN. Information about next term’s courses will be available shortly before registration starts. Click here for information about spring 2016 sections.

WR 121

Entertaining Violence: A Casebook for Writers explores issues related to violence in popular media, video games and photojournalism

Free Speech: A Casebook for Writers addresses free speech and its limits through a variety of contexts in the university, in the law, and in history

The New World Reader covers globalization and America’s ever-changing role in the rest of the world. US authors, as well as authors from across the globe, tackle such issues as gender roles, international aid, and terrorism.

Seeing and Writing 4 explores visual and written arguments together. Students may be asked to analyze photographs, advertisement, comic book images, along with essays, in response to topics such as gender, class and place.

Sustainability: A Casebook for Writers presents local and global issues affecting the environment. Students will examine both the role of individuals and institutions on the current environmental landscape.

They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter with Academic Writing with Readings covers a broad range of potential topics, ranging from the value of higher education and the importance of college sports, to the role of pop culture in society and the changing definition of the American Dream.


WR 122

Crosscurrents features thematic reading units that motivate students to trace the intersections of ethical questions through a range of academic subjects.

Ways of Reading challenges students with difficult and rewarding readings that resist either/or responses to a range of issues.

Signs of Life in the U.S.A. is concerned with contemporary American experience as represented in popular culture and new media.


WR 122 and WR 123

The Culture of Science: A Casebook for Writers explores the role and function of science in modern society.

Everybody Eats: A Casebook for Writers examines the attention we pay to food production, dietary choices, and the connection between food and health.

Social Protest: A Casebook for Writers examines varied approaches for thinking about social change both historically and currently in the United States.

Minding the Body: A Casebook for Writers

WR 123

Entering the Academic Conversation: Strategies for Research Writing features readings on the theme of surveillance.

Academic Research and Writing has readings on two issues: 1) education and writing and 2) science and climate change.

Disability Studies
Exploring the Anthropocene
The Politics of Sports
The Uses and Abuses of Technology
What’s in a Word? The Politics of Language