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Registration priority for WR121 is given to freshman students whose last names begin with A-G during fall term, H-O during winter term, and P-Z during spring term. No registration restrictions apply to sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Enrollment in writing courses is limited to 18 students in WR 121 and 22 students in WR 122 and WR 123, although room capacity may restrict some sections. The Composition Program cannot accept students above these limits, and no waiting lists are kept for composition courses. Teachers cannot accept written work from students who are not officially registered in their sections, nor can they allow students who are not officially registered in their sections to sit in on the class. Students wishing to register in closed sections or who wish to change sections must follow ordinary add/drop procedures through DuckWeb. Only the Director or Associate Director of Composition can make exceptions. These are granted rarely and only in exceptional circumstances.