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The Composition Program at the University of Oregon teaches lower- and upper-division writing to over 7000 students per year across over 100 classrooms per term. Our foundational 100-level writing courses are required of all UO students, taught by award-winning teachers comprised of both graduate employees (GEs) who have completed an intensive year-long training and experienced instructors from writing-related fields. We produce our own single-topic course readers  and convene an annual conference to keep our new and experienced teachers updated in the field of Composition. Watch our teachers explain some of the key concepts of our courses, and read about some of the best papers to come out of our Composition classrooms.

In the Composition Program, we teach writing as a process of:

  • critical thinking
  • reading carefully, talking about ideas, identifying questions, and answering those questions
  • understanding and engaging one’s audience
  • building an ethical argument
  • listening to people who disagree with you and addressing their ideas.
  • judging others’ ideas fairly and according to the quality of reasons offered in their support
  • organizing ideas, offering support and earning conclusions

These processes that begin in WR 121, 122 and 123 apply to the varieties of writing across college classrooms and to different genres of writing beyond the university.